I’ve Got the Music In Me

Since my last post featured songs that make me sad, I thought today’s entry should focus on songs that cheer me up, the ones that make my face smile, my feet tap, and my soul sing.

First, though, in the spirit of complete candor and honesty, I have to confess that the title of this blog entry is a lie wishful thinking.  I don’t have the music in me.  Can’t sing, can’t play an instrument.  Can’t even dance, not really.  But I do have the love of music in me, and these are some of the songs I love to listen to when I want to get happy.

“I’ve Got the Music In Me,” by Kiki Dee, has been cheering me up for decades.  Wow, that sentence makes me feel old–better go listen to this song, which is perhaps the most cheerful song ever recorded.  The lyrics are fun, and the end of the song, when Kiki and her exuberant back-up singers repeat “I’ve got the music in me” while the music swells and jams around their voices, still makes me want to jump up and move.  Even after decades of listening.

Great minds really do think alike.  I met a friend for lunch yesterday who said I should write my next blog about happy songs and include “Love Shack” because listening to that song makes you smile.  I couldn’t agree more.  “Got me a Chrysler, it seats about twenty/so hurry up and bring your juke box money.”  Love the image, love the idea of heading off with a bunch of friends to have fun at the Love Shack, baby.

“Rosalita (Come Out Tonight),” by Bruce Springsteen is next on the list.  The song by itself is cheerful enough, but whenever I hear it I flash back to seeing Bruce perform this live and get a jolt of the communal joy this song generates in concert.  Springsteen runs around the stage like a madman, the band laughs while playing, the audience sings and dances and wants it to last forever.  Perfect.

The first three songs are pretty old, but these next two are much more recent.  Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes” is one of those songs that just makes me smile.  “Hello new shoes.  Bye bye blues.”  Seems so simple when you hear the words in a peppy song like this.  Plus I have to admit I enjoy the fact that it’s a guy singing this ode to the life-changing power of new shoes.

“The Great Defector,” by Bell X1.  I can’t resist the joy in singer’s voice as he sings, “Blue lights on the runway/I love the color of it all.”  And I don’t know how can anyone resist a line like “I love the way your underwire bra always sets off that X-ray machine.”

Those are a few of the songs on my cheerful list.  Here are some more:

  1. Assorted 50s and 60s rock songs.  Okay, this is cheating a little, but I couldn’t decide on just one.  I love these songs.  They get me to stop thinking and start dancing, which is usually a good thing.  “One Fine Day,” “The Wanderer,” “Red Hot,” Train Kept A’Rollin’,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and about 1000 more.
  2. Since I’m cheating anyway, thought I’d do it again.  This time I’m grouping together fun songs, ones designed to make us laugh as well as dance.   I’d include “The Streak,” by Ray Stevens, Julie Brown’s “Cause I’m a Blonde,” Mojo Nixon’s “Elvis is Everywhere,”  Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had $1000000,” and many more.  Maybe only 100 more here.  Now on to a regular list.
  3. I Feel Good–James Brown
  4. Hot Rod Lincoln–Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
  5. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35–Bob Dylan
  6. Sunday Morning After–Amanda Marshall
  7. Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man–Concrete Blonde
  8. Cadillac Walk–Mink DeVille
  9. Cool for Cats–Squeeze
  10. Coconut–Harry Nilsson
  11. Peace, Love, and Happiness–G. Love and Special Sauce
  12. Born to Run–Emmylou Harris (this isn’t the Springsteen song)
  13. Boots of Chinese Plastic–The Pretenders
  14. Walking on Sunshine–Katrina and the Waves
  15. Brand New Cadillac–The Clash

What do you listen to when you are in a good mood, or need a little help to get there?


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I like books, music, movies, television, sports, food, travel, learning, laughing and sitting around thinking. This blog is a place for me to have fun writing about the things I love. Let me know how I'm doing.
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4 Responses to I’ve Got the Music In Me

  1. jane says:

    Excellent list, even if you cheated on #1 and 2 (hey – it’s your list, so why not?) And for anyone who is unfamiliar with #6 – Sunday Morning After, make sure to seek it out and listen to the words. It’s a hoot!

  2. Bob(by) says:

    Considering one of my earliest childhood memories is laying in bed listening to the music you were playing upstairs it is no a shock that really like several songs on your list. Thought you might find it interesting that I still have the Julie Brown cassette tape you made me (probably in the early ’80’s) with “cause I’m a blonde”. A couple of other songs that I use for this purpose (also introduced by you via cassette) “Fishnet Stocking” and “Ubangi Stomp” by the Stray Cats. If you aren’t bouncing around after those two songs back to back you really need to get the hospital.

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