Is That Winter I Feel in the Air?

When I took my coffee and sat on my back porch this morning, I discovered that it was cold outside.  Since I grew up in the deep south, I still find it oddly disconcerting to use the words “cold” and “outside” together WHILE IT’S STILL AUGUST, but there it is.  On the last day of August, it’s kind of cold outside.

Those who know me well, or not so well–those who’ve met once in passing, say in line at the grocery store, or maybe even those who’ve just seen me walk by . . .well, pretty much everyone with any knowledge of me whatsoever knows this:  I don’t like winter.  (And for anyone who doesn’t know me at all, saying I don’t like winter is an excellent example of understatement.)

Which means that, as I sat huddled over my steaming hot cup of joe this morning, my first thought was, “Winter’s coming.  I should move.”  Now, since I’ve thought this every fall for 15 years, I didn’t jump up and start packing, but I did start wondering why I never actually leave before the first snowflakes fly.

One reason is that I’m cold in August.  While I do hate winter, I also hate hot and humid.  To be honest, my climate comfort zone is pretty small.  But this August has been right there in my preferred temperature range.  Cool, sunny, just perfect. (This is a good thing since the Hottest July Ever  was, not coincidentally, followed by Cindy’s Highest Electric Bill Ever.)  So cool days and weeks and even months during summer are nice.

Falls are great, too.  Like any college town, the return of the students brings excitement and energy back into town.  Yes, it’s more crowded, but it’s also more fun.  Plus fall brings football.  I like football.  I like hearing the band practice and seeing the airplanes and the blimp circling overhead. I like going downtown on Saturday mornings and watching all the fans pouring into town, ready to enjoy the game.  And by now I’ve learned how to schedule my week so that I never need to drive anywhere on a football Saturday.

The only problem with fall is that winter chases it off sometime in November, sometimes in late October.

Maybe this is the year I will move away from the relentless gray and cold of a Michigan winter.  Or maybe once again the joys of fall will lull me into thinking, “Winter’s not all that bad.”  But that’s a decision for later.  Right now I’m just enjoying a slight shiver as I sit outside in August.


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2 Responses to Is That Winter I Feel in the Air?

  1. Jeff says:

    As far as the search for moderate weather goes, you need look no more – the San Francisco peninsula. We have about 5 days annually above 90 degrees, and about the same number below 40. Most of the time its 55-75 degrees here It never snows, and from May to November it hardly ever rains. Come see for yourself!

    On a totally different note, your fall descriptors made me homesick for Ann Arbor. Since I’m from Florida, I really appreciated Fall in Michigan. Crisp morning air, the explosion of color in the leaves, and of course UMich Football fun. I also used to love driving up State Street from my home in Saline and seeing the (giant ass) blimp tethered to the ground at the (tiny ass) Ann Arbor airport!

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