I know it’s been a while since my last post, so if anyone has been waiting anxiously for me to continue, I apologize.  If you read my very first post, you know who to blame:  the aliens.

Sometimes you need to laugh.  I’m not talking about an ironically amused smile, or a knowing smirk, or even a friendly grin.  I’m talking about a belly laugh, a laugh-until-you-cry laugh, a real ROTHLYAO laugh.

Many things make me laugh, but in honor of this week’s Emmy awards I’m going to focus on TV sitcoms for now.  Here are some of the shows that have made me LOL.

I Love Lucy  There’s a reason everyone loves Lucy–she’s funny.  These shows are older than me, I’ve seem them multiple times, and they still make me laugh.  Lucy and Ethel stuffing assembly line chocolates into their mouths and clothes, Lucy stomping grapes or getting drunk on Vitameatavegamin,  the whole gang chasing baby chickens in an episode late in the show . . .that’s funny stuff.  I’m laughing right now just remembering.

Bob Newhart  Newhart is the perfect example of the “normal” guy surrounded by wacky sidekicks and eccentric acquaintances.  Any show he’s on makes me laugh, but I do admit to a certain funny-bone weakness for Larry, his brother Daryl, and his other brother Daryl.  And of course the final episode of Newhart’s second series is one of the all-time classic TV sitcom moments.

3rd Rock From the Sun/Mork and Mindy  I’m a sucker for an aliens in America comedy.  The set up is perfect for comedy gold as the newcomers adapt to our idiosyncrasies and odd cultural norms.  These are also great showcases for John Lithgow and Robin Williams at their manic best.

Frasier  From the first episode, when Frasier whines to his dad about Eddie the dog staring at him, to the end this show kept me laughing.  Miles and Frasier are so endearingly snobbish, intelligent and clueless.  This is a show that combined slapstick comedy with more intellectual humor–laughter for all.

Designing Women  By the end of the series I’d given up on this show, but the first few years are as funny as anything I’ve ever seen.  Suzanne and Anthony on a road trip together, Julia on any of her moral high-horse rants, or Charlene going off on one her tangents . . . once again, I’m now laughing.

Doc Martin  Technically, this isn’t a sitcom, but it is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched.  In this British show, Doc Martin is a rude, arrogant surgeon who develops a phobia about blood, so moves to a small town filled with quirky characters and tries to fit in.  He fails.

Those are some of the old shows that make me laugh.  There are more (Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Will and Grace, Absolutely Fabulous, The Andy Griffith Show, Murphy Brown, M*A*S*H, Sanford and Son . . .oh, I could go on forever), and I haven’t even gotten to the current shows,but I need to stop here and go LOL at some of my favorite episodes.  Let’s save the current shows for tomorrow.

So what old(er) shows make you laugh?  Any particular episodes?


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4 Responses to LOL

  1. Jeff says:

    I don’t know what this says about me, but I re-wound Julia Sugarbaker’s rant over and over and watched it about five times. She gets me every time with her dressing down of the “ill-mannered tourists with their big gulps, slurpees, misty(s), and frosty(s), their dirty feet overflowing rubber thongs, and babies who sneeze fudge-sicle juice.” She belts out the whole string of insults as if she were throwing up words.

    As far as my own personal favorites, I think no sitcom before or since can touch All in the Family. The show had ridiculously great characters and performances (I always marvel at how Carroll O’Connor later played a convincing Southern sheriff in the series “In The Heat of the Night”), and the writers had a very special forumla for turning political incorrectness into belly laughs. I also LOVED how they could periodically address incredibly serious and personal issues (remember Edith’s attempt rape on her 50th birthday?) in a legit and respectful way.

    I also confess to owning a couple of seasons of Maude on DVD. Bea Arthur’s sarcasm and wit always knocked me out.

  2. jane says:

    It’s nice to be reminded of some older shows that did make me LOL, even if I don’t remember specific episodes or scenes. Like Designing Women — you’re right, very intelligently written. (Jeff – how many times did you have to watch to catch that whole rant?)

    And as we discussed earlier, the final scene in Newhart was EPIC.

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