LOL, Part II

In yesterday’s blog post I mentioned some old TV shows that make me laugh out loud, but the memories made me laugh so much I never got to current shows.   If laughter is the best medicine, here are a few current shows that provide me with a weekly dose.

Modern Family This show deserved all of the Emmy awards it won this week, as far as I’m concerned.  I love the sweetness that lies beneath the humor, the way all of the characters think of themselves as the “normal” one in the family. (Spoiler:  None of them are.)  I’m not generally a fan of the mockumentary comedy format for sitcoms, but I like this one.

Parks and Recreation  I like this mockumentary comedy, too.  The characters are somewhat over the top, but all the actors play them so earnestly that it’s impossible not to like them while you’re laughing at them.  The show also manages to skewer the bureaucracy and politics of government while celebrating the dedication and hard work of those in the government.  Well, some of those in government.   As Rob Lowe’s character would say, “This is literally the funniest small town government show I’ve ever seen.”

Big Bang Theory  To be honest, if you read me this show’s description out of TV Guide and asked me if I wanted to watch it, I’d probably say no.  And yet I never miss an episode.  Yes, it’s got all the stereotypes of nerdy smart guys and hot young women, but it goes beyond the surface stereotypes to develop real three-dimensional characters.  And yes, some of the humor is sophomoric, but it’s still humorous.  Love the guest stars, love the interaction between Penny and the guys, love it when Leonard realizes (again) just how nerdy he and his friends are.  Plus Sheldon is the most arrogant, obnoxious, lovable intellectual since the Crane brothers on Frasier.

I’m planning to check out some of the new sitcoms this fall–you can never have too many shows to watch when you need to laugh.  But for now, these are the ones I rely on to get me through the week.  What about you?  What shows make you LOL?


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7 Responses to LOL, Part II

  1. susan dimaina says:

    Well, it’s not surprising to me that we love the same tv shows — I’ve always admired your sense of humor! Do you ever watch The Middle? That one has its moments, too.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wholeheartedly agree on Modern Family. Definitely the funniest 30 minutes (well, 22 minutes) of my week. I really love how every character is fully developed, including each of the kids.That allows them to use any character to deliver the laugh, while any other character can stand in as the straight man – so to speak. Like Susan, I also really like The Middle which airs just prior to Modern Family (although I have to say that the 1-hour season premiere of The Middle was surprisingly awful).

    The other show that makes me laugh a lot is Family Guy. It’s not a sitcom, but an amazingly funny (and often crass) cartoon. The show will poke fun at literally everything. This means it’s sometimes shocking and tasteless (just the way I like my cartoons), but on occasion jaw-droppingly funny. If you haven’t seen it, i would say it’s a funnier and more mean-spirited Simpsons. Not a show for everyone, but it’s definitely a favorite for me.

    • I’ve actually stayed away from Family Guy because it does seem mean-spirited. For some reason, the older I get the less I want humor to feel mean–one reason very few stand-up comedians appeal to me these days. Maybe I’m getting sentimental in my middle age.

  3. susan dimaina says:

    Yup, the season opener of The Middle was a big disappointment. Wonder if their writers are getting tired? If so, perhaps the bosses need to engage a firing squad (not guns, of course — just pink slips).

  4. susan dimaina says:

    And, YES, Modern Family makes me so happy — every expression and gesture is pitch-perfect.

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