Christmas Playlist #1: Starts Me Off, Sets The Theme*

For Day 3 of my “Favorite Christmas Things,” I’m offering the first of what will probably be several Christmas playlists.  If you’re having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, these songs should help.  They perk up my Christmas spirit no matter when I listen to them.

I’ve chosen specific versions of each song, but feel free to substitute your own favorites unless otherwise noted.

  1. We Need A Little Christmas–Angela Lansbury ( must be her version from Mame)
  2. Christmas Time’s A-Coming–Emmylou Harris
  3. Jingle Bells–Dolly Parton (has to be the version from her Christmas special–you want the one where she’s singing with nieces,nephews, and other assorted kids and in the middle of the song says, “Ain’t this fun?”)
  4. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus–The Jackson 5  (should be this version to follow Dolly, but only if you can avoid thinking about the sad  future of this talented little boy)
  5. Welcome Christmas–The Whos down in Whovillle
  6. Santa Claus is Coming To Town–The Pointer Sisters
  7. Must Be Santa–Bob Dylan (Trust me.  You should hear this.)
  8. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)-U2
  9. Merry Christmas, Baby–Bruce Springsteen
  10. Santa Baby–Eartha Kitt
  11. Baby, It’s Cold Outside–Dean Martin (lots of good choices here–I like the new Glee version but decided to go with the classic)
  12. Christmas Dream–Perry Como
  13. Lucy + Linus–Vince Guaraldi (can anyone listen to this without dancing like Snoopy?)
  14. Gift Wrapped Boy–The Big Happy (all I want for Christmas. . .  .)
  15. Christmas Wrapping–The Waitresses
  16. Christmas in Hollis–Run-D.M.C.  (did you notice that the rap song follows the two “wrap” songs?)
  17. Winter Wonderland–Eurythmics
  18. Mele Kalikimaka–Poi Dog Pondering with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band (should be this version, which sounds like it’s playing at a lively party with lots of adult beverages)
  19. Thanks for Christmas–Three Wise Men (aka XTC)
  20. We Wish You a Merry Christmas–Willie Nile (Willie sounds vaguely threatening when demanding figgy pudding, but it’s still my favorite version)

Do you have other versions of these songs you prefer?  Other “get in the mood for Christmas” songs you’d have on your playlist?

* Line taken from Song 12, Christmas Dream by Perry Como


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2 Responses to Christmas Playlist #1: Starts Me Off, Sets The Theme*

  1. I love Santa Baby also by Eartha Kitt and Welcome Christmas from the Grinch. I love Oh Holy Night the Leontyne Price version. She hits the notes like no other.

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