Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree

The vibrant colors of Christmas are next on my list of Favorite Christmas Things.  The bright red poinsettas, the deep green fir trees, the tiny white lights hanging on the houses–to quote Bell 1X, from a non-Christmas song, “I love the color of it all.”

While some people prefer a particular color scheme for their decorations, I’ve always been a fan of the multicolored approach.  Our Christmas tree is covered with all types of decorations in all types of colors.  While red and green dominate, I can see blue and white and gold and silver and yellow and brown from where I sit typing this.  Earlier I could have added the orange of a crackling fire. This explosion of color brightens up the room, and gives everything a festive air, a sense that something wonderful is about to happen.

Something wonderful is about to happen!  Five days until Christmas!

What colors do you use for Christmas decorations?




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