Home for the Holidays

The very best thing about Christmas is getting to spend it with those you love.  I’m lucky to have a family that enjoys spending time together, which is good since we have over 50 years of Christmas traditions to uphold.

Our Christmas actually starts on Christmas Eve, which, since we celebrate our big family Christmas on Christmas Eve, is actually Christmas Eve Eve, or, in other words, tonight.  We have a table full of appetizers and finger food–cheese, meatballs, li’l wieners, chips, salsa, queso, veggies,ham, roast, rolls, and of course an extra large platter of cookies, brownies, and candy. We line up, my niece hands each of us a plate and a tray, and we make our way around the table, grabbing getting whatever we want. Then we all sit around the living room and eat while the Christmas tree lights twinkle.  Sometimes, if it’s cold enough, the fire is crackling, too.

After we’ve all eaten too much just enough we sit around and talk for a while, sometimes playing games, then we get down to the business of planning for Christmas morning. We assign seats, place name tags on each chair to make sure Santa knows exactly where to leave each present, make a plate of goodies for Santa and the reindeer, and then the little kids go off to bed and everyone else rushes around trying to finish up with the wrapping and baking and whatever else needs doing.

On Christmas morning, we look at whatever Santa brought, then the kids hand out the presents from the family.  We avoid the frantic chaos lots of folks have because we take turns opening our presents, from youngest to oldest.  It’s nice to take the time to see what everyone gets,  but as the family has grown larger this has started taking a LONG time.  We take several breaks to refill our breakfast plates and start cooking the dinner food, just to make sure we don’t ever get too hungry.

After the presents are all opened, we eat dinner, rest, eat dessert, rest, eat snacks in the evening, then go to bed.  And that’s our Christmas when I’m home for the holiday.

What traditions do you have with family and friends?



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