From the Beginning: Writing a Novel (Part 2)

If you read my post about writing a novel last week , you’ll notice that the title of this entry is different.  That’s because I suck at naming things.  I don’t have a title for the book I’m writing, I don’t have a name for the planet it’s set on, I still don’t have names for all the characters.  This is slowly but surely driving me crazy.

For a while, back during my writing frenzy for NaNoWriMo in November, I was content using placeholders for all the names, not taking the time to stop and decide the best name, or even a name, for the multitude of things that need naming in this book.  Now, though, that’s become a problem.  I can’t keep track of the people and places without giving them names.

As I wrote last week, I need to concentrate on the details, all those things I glossed over while focused on just getting the words down.  The details  giving me the most problems right now are the names of things.  Most likely there’s some fascinating psychological reason for the problem I’m having, but I don’t have time to delve into that.  I just need names!

In better writing news, I’m feeling much better about the characters I have.  The two protagonists now have specific problems to deal with in addition to the murders and political intrigue surrounding them.  They feel more well-rounded now since I can see their concerns and fears and flaws as well as their strengths and secrets.  The biggest task now is figuring out how to show their depth without bombarding the reader with lots of boring description.

Today is a day off from writing–I’m giving myself a little break (although I am hoping that my subconscious will come up with some proper nouns while left on its own).  Tomorrow I’m going to provide names, even if it’s just random names I pick from the phone book, or  the cast of a movie.  Anything will be better than the nothing I have now.

If you have names you would like to suggest, throw them out!



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3 Responses to From the Beginning: Writing a Novel (Part 2)

  1. Pam says:

    How about:
    A mix of middle names from family & friends with a few furry companion names thrown in!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Thought I might also throw in Cap’n and Master . . .

  3. Bob says:

    Anna names every new toy “Zoe” you may want use that :-).

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