Music to My Ears–CDs I Loved in 2011

A few days ago I made a list of CDs I loved last year so I could offer a “best of” for music the way I did mystery books and sci fi/fantasy books.  I took the time to make sure the CDs were officially released in 2011, jotted down some thoughts about why I liked each one, and even ranked them. 

I’ve lost the list.

Maybe the lesson I should learn here is to write rough drafts on the computer rather than on any ol’ scrap of paper lying nearby when I think of something to write.  Or maybe it’s to immediately take advantage of the THREE file cabinets I own and file my drafts so that I can find them easily.  The lesson I’ve actually learned is that I shouldn’t clean up.  If I’d only left my desk covered with scraps of paper, I’m sure I could evenutally find my top ten list of great CDs.

Anyway, here’s my attempt to recreate the list with the disclaimer that these are no longer ranked and may not have been released in 2011.  Let’s call this a list of cds I listened to multiple times in 2011.

  1.   Adele–  21  Last year is one of the few times in my life when my favorite CD is everyone else’s favorite CD.  This woman’s voice and songwriting skill absolutely blow me away.
  2.  Emmylou Harris–Hard Bargain   As I mentioned last week, I’ve never been disappointed in an Emmylou Harris cd, and Hard Bargain kept the streak alive.  Hard Bargain takes a look back at her life, and in many ways is more personal than her previous cds.
  3.  The Black Keys–El Camino   A late 2011 release, this one had me at “Lonely Boy.”
  4. The Civil Wars–Barton Hallow   I grew up listening to country  and rock and roll, so anyone who successfully combines the two will almost always be on my listen-to list.
  5. The Decemberists–The King is Dead  Another one of those country-sounding singer/songwriting rock groups.  I accidentally bought this twice, and decided to keep both.  That’s how much I like it.
  6. My Morning Jacket–Circuital  I actually don’t think this was on the lost list, but I listened to it just yesterday and it should be on here.
  7. Matraca Berg–The Dreaming Fields  I’ve always liked Matraca, and this CD is, in my opinion, her best ever.  A great late night listen.
  8. Death Cab For Cutie–Codes and Keys  Another that I can (and do) listen to repeatedly.  This is the CD that made me a Death Cab For Cutie fan instead of just someone who likes Death Cab For Cutie.
  9. Alison Krauss and Union Station–Paper Airplane   While I loved Alison’s duet with Robert Plant, I’m pretty happy she’s back with Union Station for this CD.
  10. Tedeschi Trucks Band–Revelator  Rockin’ southern blues.  Love this collaboration between husband and wife (Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi).

Okay, this second list is not the same as the one I made earlier,  which simply means that I loved more than 10 CDs in 2011.  Today these were the first ten to pop into my head.

What did I leave out?  What were your favorites?


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