Super Bowl Ads 2012

Last night’s Super Bowl game lived up to the hype.  But what about the TV ads?  As usual, we saw some winners and some losers.

First of all, the Audi LED headlights zap vampires!  This ad provided the perfect combination of showcasing the product while also making the world a safer place.

Sir Elton’s Pepsi ad didn’t really work for me, but I appreciated the glimpse of his 70s-era boots.

The M&M ad made me laugh even while I sympathized with the poor M&M who misread the situation and stripped down to his chocolate covering at the party.  Honestly, any one of us could make that mistake.

Best dis of a competitor:  Chevy’s end-of-the world tribute to the toughness of their trucks. “Where’s Dave?”  “Dave drove a Ford.” (Pause)  “Twinkie?”  This one also won my “most elaborate setting” award.  I’ve seen end-of-the-world movies that didn’t look this good.

I don’t understand the connection between tax software and a little boy peeing in a pool.

Those polar bears sure do love their Coke. seem to be scraping the bottom of the monkey hijinks barrel.

On the other hand, the e-trade baby is still funny.  A little creepy, and very slow to grow up, but still funny.    His friend who was “speed-dating” with the newborns added to both the creepy and the funny. continues to offend me.

Maybe a half-naked David Beckham should have offended me, but , uh, it didn’t.

Toyota reinvented itself and a bunch of other stuff, but I didn’t  care.

Seinfeld returns!  Jerry offers all kinds of incentives (including soup from the soup Nazi)  to the guy first in line for the new Acura.  He finally wins the guy over with access to his zip line network, but Leno swoops in at the last minute and steals the guy away with his flying squirrel suit.  Poor Jerry ends up moping the diner.

Ferris Bueller returns!  Another great spoof with Mathew Broderick calling in “sick” from filming and re-enacting all of Bueller’s antics.  Broderick?  Broderick?  Broderick?

Budweiser paid for lots of ads.  Most of them were pretty bland, but I did enjoy the trip through time with Bud, even though it was a little disturbing to realize how much history I’ve actually lived through.  Also, I felt kind of sorry for WeGo the rescue dog.  He really has to work hard at his new home, fetching a Bud every time someone says, “here we go,” coincidentally the Bud slogan.  Hope he gets some rest soon.

I know just how that dog who couldn’t fit through the doggie door feels.

Betty White still rocks!  Maybe there’s no such thing as overexposure for her.  “My eyes are up here.”

As good as Betty was, my award for Best Use of a Screen Icon has to go to Clint Eastwood and Chrysler.  This one got me all teary-eyed, just like Eminem’s ad last year.  “It’s halftime in America.”  Now if we can only use this momentum to work together and come out strong in the second half . . .


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6 Responses to Super Bowl Ads 2012

  1. Vincent Russo says:

    SOOOO Funny!!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Have to say…”The Voice” ad was one of my favorites and when they added the Betty White cameo, that cemented it at the top for me. And I think you’re right – if you’re elderly and adorable and willing to say or do almost anything for a laugh, there is no such thing as overexposure.

    I really thought the kid having to pee had great promise (I was hoping the house plant would get it), but the peeing in the pool ending just didn’t work. “Hey, you’re swimming in my urine! Wait…so am I.”

    • I ended up watching The Voice after the game, although that may have had more to do with inertia than the excellent ad. And I’m with you–I thought the kid needing to pee was going to be really good, but it just became gross and confusing by the end. Probably not the emotions they were going for.

  3. Hi Cindy, I nominated you for two awards because I really enjoy your blog. You motivated me to begin my own writing work, so thank you. Did you see this one coming? You can find the rules to accepting the awards here

  4. Thanks, Kay! And no, I actually did not see this coming!

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