Opening Day

Baseball season is here again! Sometimes I’m not sure why I get so excited about Opening Day. I do love baseball, although college football is my favorite sport to watch on tv. Still, there is something special about baseball, the calming, almost Zen-like slowness of a game that isn’t driven by a ticking clock. Infrequent bursts of action surrounded by pitchers wandering around the mound, batters stepping into and out of the batter’s box, the third base coach flashing mysterious signs as he communicates the plan. Runners on base chat with the opposing infielders while they wait for the action to begin again. Then a moment of stillness as the pitcher stops, the hitter stills his bat, the runners and the fielders bend low, everyone anticipating an explosion of movement . . .

Of course, there isn’t always an explosion of movement. But maybe it’s that uncertainty that is so appealing. After all, in other sports you know something is going to happen every play. In baseball, all we know for sure is that the pitcher will throw the ball toward the plate. And that might be all that happens–the catcher catches the ball and tosses it back. Or maybe the hitter will knock one out of the park. Or get one of those dribbly little hits that stop a few feet from the plate and millimeters from the foul line. Or someone will sprint backwards and manage to catch the ball seconds before crashing into the fence.  All kinds of possibilities.

So let’s see what happens next.  Play ball!


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I like books, music, movies, television, sports, food, travel, learning, laughing and sitting around thinking. This blog is a place for me to have fun writing about the things I love. Let me know how I'm doing.
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